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Thanks for coming here to your soon to be favorite site, Confederate Flag for Sale! If you are looking for a place you can still buy a rebel flag online, you’ve come to the right place! Confederateflagforsale.net was founded on the principle of Heritage, not hate. When eBay, Amazon, and Google shut their doors to law-abiding citizens in the south that wanted to show their pride, we stepped in and stepped up our game, BIG TIME.

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For some strange reason, many people today have associated the confederate battle flag to groups like the KKK and other hate groups. Here at ConfederateFlagforSale.net, we strongly disagree with this. For many years, black people and white people alike have flown the flag with the greatest of respect for one another. Here is a picture of what we consider the civil war battle flag.

confederate flag for sale net

Now just take a look at that flag. For most southerners, it represents us standing our ground and fighting for our brothers and neighbors, many of whom were not of the same skin color as us. The Civil War was fought and the South lost, but we haven’t lost our Pride! Confederate Flag for Sale doesn’t try and convince everyone that we believe the right way, we just try and run our shop like the close-nit family owned business that we are. Rest assured that anything you buy from us will arrive to you in a good time frame and that we won’t EVER run out of stock. We gladly accept PayPal and  Credit Cards over our SECURE Checkout system. You’ll receive a notice once your order has shipped. For any questions, email us at confederateflagforsale@gmail.com