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Thanks for coming here to your soon to be favorite site, Confederate Flag for Sale! If you are looking for a place you can still buy a rebel flag online, you’ve come to the right place! Confederateflagforsale.net was founded on the principle of Heritage, not hate. When eBay, Amazon, and Google shut their doors to law-abiding citizens in the south that wanted to show their pride, we stepped in and stepped up our game, BIG TIME.

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For some strange reason, many people today have associated the confederate battle flag to groups like the KKK and other hate groups. Here at ConfederateFlagforSale.net, we strongly disagree with this. For many years, black people and white people alike have flown the flag with the greatest of respect for one another. Here is a picture of what we consider the civil war battle flag.

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Now just take a look at that flag. For most southerners, it represents us standing our ground and fighting for our brothers and neighbors, many of whom were not of the same skin color as us. The Civil War was fought and the South lost, but we haven’t lost our Pride! Confederate Flag for Sale doesn’t try and convince everyone that we believe the right way, we just try and run our shop like the close-nit family owned business that we are. Rest assured that anything you buy from us will arrive to you in a good time frame and that we won’t EVER run out of stock. We gladly accept PayPal and  Credit Cards over our SECURE Checkout system. You’ll receive a notice once your order has shipped. For any questions, email us at confederateflagforsale@gmail.com


Why Isn’t Any Major Retailer Selling The Confederate Flag Anymore?

Are you one of those caught up in the controversy over the Confederate flag? Having you been reading about the Civil War?If you are one of those that see it as a part of Amercian history and of Southern American history, then you might be feeling ousted by most of America.

Politics and Business often blow with the winds of public perception. Very often the politician or corporation may not privately agree, but if public perception is swaying in a particular direction, then many will bend with the wind that swirls from it.

Of course, they are not completely to blame. Some of those who love the confederate flag have done some horrible things while proudly displaying it as a symbol of their hate and prejudice.

More and more retailers are banning the sale of the Confederate flag. For them, it is simply a matter of public image internally and externally. If you have a substantial amount of your employees and customers who all find the flag offensive, then it is simply good business for them to ban it.

Walmart and by Sears were among the first to do so. But for some online outlets like Amazon, Google Shopping, eBay and others, sales were beginning to boom when the decision was made to join Wal-Mart and others in the banning of its sales.

Usually business wants to continue selling an item if its sales are reaching every increasing height. So why then did they decide to ban it altogether. They simply felt that the bad publicity along with alienating a large section of their employees outweighed the increase in sales and profit.

After a well-published shooting of a church in South Carolina, the governor took issue with the flag that was displayed at the Capitol (http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2015/06/22/south-carolina-confederate-flag/29109939/). It was the Governors opinion that the shooter had a “sick and twisted” point of view regarding the flag.

While the Governor and others recognize that there are those with perfectly reasonable ideas about the flag that would like to see it continue to be a symbol of the south, there are many others who see it of a bygone era of slavery and injustice.

For the retailer’s it is not a matter of right and wrong, or even about history. It is a matter of public perception and what effect it will have on their customer base and that of their employees.

One retailer’s representative said that the sale of this item is no longer acceptable by the vast majority. They went on to say it went from acceptable to unacceptable very quickly. He continued by saying that there was no way their company could or would continue to sell the item.

Some numbers show that some sales of Confederate flags were at an all time high with Amazon and still they chose to discontinue their sales. Wal-Mart not only has a large majority of its customer base that is offended by the symbolism of the Confederate flag, but also a large employee base that is also offended. That is the reason they were among the first to ban its sales.

Can I Still Buy A Confederate Flag

The sale and ownership of a Confederate flag are not illegal. They are purchased many times for civil war re-enactments. For this reason, they will not stop being sold. But because public perception is at an all-time low for this item, they will only be sold by specialty stores.

The good news is for the small shops that are willing and able to capitalize on this turn of events; they may see sales grow from this item. If places like Amazon and Wal-Mart continued to sell this item, it would mean small specialty shops would not be able to effectively complete the sales of this item. But now they will be the only ones that do sell it.

Ebay stated that they believe confederate flags have now become a symbol of hate in America and for that reason, they would no longer carry the flag or items that depicted it.

Sears and Kmart not only do not sell it in their stores, but they have now announced that it will be against their policy for independent retailers to sell it through their online outlets.

After being interviewed by a major news outlet, Target pulled a Confederate soldiers uniform costume being sold from on one of its websites. They later stated that it was never their intention to offend anyone.

Etsy joined in with other online marketplaces banning the sale of Confederate flags. They commented that it is their policy never to sell or advertise anything that promotes hatred. They continued by saying that this item sits firmly in the middle of that category. Additionally, they said they were trying to balance the equation between creativity and the companies overall values.

How exactly did all this get started?
A man shot and killed nine people at a church in Charleston, South Carolina. This act of prejudice was the spark that started the outrage that led to all of these major corporations banning the sales of a flag that for many is a symbol of hate and racism.

What if you are among those that want to buy the flag and proudly display it? You still can, but it will now take a bit more research to find this item.

It is highly likely that the sale of this item will be found in flea markets, mom and pops specialty shops and those that specifically cater to such items.

Obviously displaying it may put you in the middle of the debate, but it is no crime to buy, own or display it.

What Is The Future Of The Confederate Flag?

It is hard to say with certainty what the future holds for this iconic symbol of the South. As long as hate groups continue to use it as a shining light and a symbol of their hate, then the spotlight will likely remain as something unfavorable.

It is still a symbol of pride for many from the Southern regions of America.